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Welcome to SCHS

Welcome to SCHS

Sagarmatha College for Higher Studies (SCHS) was established in the year 2003 by a team of highly qualified academicians and professionals with a view to meeting the growing demand for quality education in the field of business management and social sciences.
Besides fulfilling all the requirements of Tribhuwan University, SCHS also aims at incorporating extra and co-curricular, field studies and research activities at Bachelors Level.
As it believes in the development of education for change, it is always concerned about quality education and excellence that ultimately help students not only to make a living but also to prepare them to live by

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RD Joshi

SM College is commit...

RD Joshi,Chairman
RD Joshi, Chairman

Message from the Chairman

RD Joshi

SM College is committed to building a congenial atmosphere in which coexistence is essential to create an intellectual academic community. We believe that we have a special responsibility to nurture co-operation, tolerance and mutual respect in our nation of diversity. We will make the college a place to promote freedom of thought, innovation and creativity which are essential for academic excellence. Each one of us has a continuing commitment to articulate, reinforce and reflect our national values.
To embark on a journey of success one needs the tools of preparedness, foresight and strategy. These lead to the path of growth and excellence. It is imperative to combine these three forces in knowledge assimilation, where every day and every semester acts like a pivot tilting the pan balance of life in favour of professional excellence.
We welcome you to our college and we are delighted to provide you with all assistance in achieving your academic goals. On behalf of all of us in the College, I wish you all the best.
We congratulate your good self for taking the right decision in joining your ward in a professional course at our Institution. We extend a warm welcome to the wards, to brighten their future, and be confident that you will be set to launch into this competitive world towards a Golden Dawn!.


RD Joshi


Chandra Prasad Dhakal

Sagarmatha College f...

Chandra Prasad Dhakal,Executive Director
Chandra Prasad Dhakal, Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director

Chandra Prasad Dhakal

Sagarmatha College for Higher Studies is the passport to a professional Business management, social sciences and research career to face the challenges of the 21st century world of complexities and competitions.
Believing that knowledge musters up when we are exposed with the world, we take our students to visit industrial areas and financial institutions. Our college also focuses on the acquisition and practical field experience in order to provide successful career in the related field and in any university worldwide. We believe in the saying ‘Queenly care and royal jelly makes the queen bee’, thus we focus on giving best possible education environment to our students. We deliver the most current & complete information in the field of business, development and social sciences +2 graduates need to ace academic performance.With a sublime vision of human-centered education, we are uniquely true and honest to our commitment with the state-of the art teaching methods. We have brought out hundreds of students who are now important managers, executives, social scientists and researchers. I take great pleasure in welcoming to your university studies at Sagarmatha College for Higher Studies.

Chandra Prasad Dhakal

Executive Director

Khum Prasad Sharma

Congratulations on y...

Khum Prasad Sharma,Academic Director
Khum Prasad Sharma, Academic Director

Message from the Academic Director

Khum Prasad Sharma

Congratulations on your decision to join SM College and to the beginning of a fruitful, rewarding and enriching learning journey!
Excellence with us does not only mean academic achievements; but it also has other elements like social responsibility and personal nobility. Our goal as educators is to support all students academically and socially. We will make every effort so all students graduate as successful and literate members of society – and be able to succeed in the increasingly complex world in which they will live and work. The incredible faculty and staff at SM College continue to encourage all students to set high goals for themselves and to reach for their dreams. Here you will have the opportunity to take steps required to know the world, to explore the earth and to reach the sky.
At SM, we offer a holistic educational experience through various innovative teaching approaches based on the fundamentals of Problem-Based Learning (PBL), amongst others. PBL prepares you to take on challenges in the dynamic working world when you graduate. Guided by certified facilitators, you will have the opportunity to work in teams, and resolve problems while working under constraints. By the time you graduate, you will be a confident, resourceful problem-solver and presenter who will be an asset to any organization. We are obligated to always expect our students can achieve at high academic levels.
We provide a rich learning environment at SM College where all teachers focus on course contents and take every opportunity to help students gain knowledge and understanding of the concepts. The college fosters students’ skills and teaches them to solve problems independently and to work co-operatively with others. Life on college is both enriching and exciting. Broaden your network and enjoy your time in SM by participating in Co-Curricular Activities, which span from Interest Groups to Clubs, to nurture your creativity, interests and interpersonal skills.
As a team, SM College is prepared to honor, serve, and provide resources to all students with high expectations, standards, and excellence. The SM education is dynamic, exciting and fulfilling. We are certain you will too! I look forward to seeing you in college.

Khum Prasad Sharma

Academic Director

We Value

  • The successes of our students.
  •  The excellence of our teaching.
  • The impact of our guidance.
  • The diversity of culture, ideas, and insights.
  • The development of students’ ethical awareness.
  • Our contribution to local and global economic development.

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Muna Manandhar

SMC has helped me a lot not only in my studies but also in my career advancement and It's also a fun place to study.

Muna Manandhar
Sujita Sunuwar

This college will take care of all your educational needs and will help you become a better person.

Sujita Sunuwar
Rabin Rai

SMC is a great place to study and a wonderful place to advance your career. I highly recommend SMC.

Rabin Rai
Ramesh Rayamajhi

SMC is one the best colleges in kathmandu and If you want to become the best, then come to SMC.

Ramesh Rayamajhi
Bikesh Baniya

Studying in this college has been a lifechanging experience.

Bikesh Baniya