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Bachelor of Business studies (BBS) is the four year degree program conducted by Tribhuvan University, faculty of Management. It is annual exam based program. The main objective of BBS is to develop students into dynamic managers having ability to handle responsibility in every sector. The course was designed by considering the fact that graduates will have to live in very challenging and competitive environment then onwards.

Therefore, through this course the students will have an opportunity to understand the knowledge of practical and reality based skills required to organize and manage the organizations of any form. The program will have specialization in General Management, Marketing Management, Finance Accountancy, and Management Science.

Plan and Details

Course of Study

1st Year

Business English Business Statistics Microeconomics

Accounting for Financial Analysis

Principles of Management

2nd Year

Business Communication


Cost and Management Accounting

Fundamentals of Marketing

Foundations of Human Resource Management

3rd Year

Business Law

Fundamentals of Financial Management Business Environment and Strategy Taxation and Auditing

Organizational Behavior

4th Year

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

Business Research Methods

Final Project

Concentration Area I- (Accounting) 1- Accounting for Business

Concentration Area I- (Accounting) 2- Advance Auditing

Concentration Area I- (Accounting) 3- Budgeting and controlling of Profit

Concentration Area II- (Finance) 1- Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Concentration Area II- (Finance) 2- Foundations of Financial Institutions and Markets Concentration Area II- (Finance) 3- Fundamentals of


Concentration Area II- (Finance) 4- Insurance and Risk Management

Concentration Area III- (Marketing) 1- Fundamentals of Selling

Concentration  Area III- (Marketing)  2- Foreign  Trade and Export Management  in Nepal

Concentration Area III- (Marketing) 3- Fundamentals of Advertising

Concentration  Area  IV-  (Management)  1-  Entrepreneurship  and  Small  Business Management

Concentration Area IV- (Management) 2- International Business

Concentration Area IV- (Management) 3- Management of Industrial

Relations Concentration Area IV- (Management) 4- Productivity

Management Concentration Area IV- (Management) 5- Quality Management

Scope and Career Prospects

The BBS program has been converted into four years program from 3 years program. Because of this, it has become the choice of students who want to pursue management comparatively in cheaper rates. The academic cost of BBS compared to other management courses is less. However, when it comes job and career, BBS program has as much possibilities and scope as compared to other subjects in management. From banking to corporate house, factories to account, every where there is a need of BBS graduates. They can work in sales and marketing. Since, it has become four years, it has now become easy for students to go abroad for further study. Not only are this, teaching and training also good fields for BBS graduates. Moreover, it becomes complementary for graduates to get enrolled in higher studies through BBS.

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