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TU-Bachelor of Social Works (BSW)

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program of Tribhuvan University prepares students for entry-level practice
in social work. Social Work is one of the helping professions committed to improving people’s lives. Social
workers may assist people in dealing with their relationships, in solving personal and family problems, or in
improving the environment in their community.
Social workers focus on social problems and the individual difficulties that arise from these social
problems. These problems may include domestic violence, child abuse, unemployment, poor or no
housing, disability, and serious illness. Most social workers work in organizations or agencies whose
missions focus on helping people deal with one of more of these social problems in their lives.
BSW prepare graduates for service in the social work profession and for advanced study in social work and
related disciplines.
Curricular structure
First Year
1. Compulsory English-1
2. Compulsory Nepali
3. Major English-1
4. Sociology-1
5. Mass Communication and Journalism-1
6. Concepts and Principles of Social Work-1 and Field Work
Second Year
1. Compulsory Nepali-II
2. Major English-II and III
3. Sociology II and III
4. Mass Communication and Journalism II and III
5. Methods of Social Work –II
6. Integrated Social Work Practice-III
7. Field Work
8. Compulsory Nepali-II
Third Year
1. Major English- III &IV
2. Sociology III &IV
3. Mass Communication and Journalism III &IV
4. Social Welfare Administration-IV
5. Research Methods in Social Work-V
6. Field Work
7. Functional Papers